BISM202 – ECommerce – Business Development Project Group Assignment

Business Overview

Our main focus is to sell electronic items. Our business will be different than other e- commerce website because we will be selling customized Personal computers and laptops at discounted price. We will sell brand new and used products based on customers preference and budget limit. People have very limited knowledge about computer customization. We will make sure to provide information needed about our customized products to help customers make their purchase decision. The biggest advantage of selling online is that we do not need any kind of store or showroom to showcase our products which will save on running cost of our business.


Revenue model: People do not know much about computer customization and if they buy parts individually they have to pay a lot of money to make customized personal computers and laptops. We will buy computer parts in bulk to get trade discount and we will charge reasonable price to customers to make a good profit.

Fulfillment Strategy: For a Start we will use Canada post for shipment as we grow in our business we will contract with transportation agencies for cost effective and fast shipping.



  • We will need people who have deep knowledge about the customization of products and can customize all kind of computers and laptops.
  • Capital
  • An office where we can operate from
  • A place to keep inventory

An estimate of monthly revenue and operating costs


    • office space $1000-$2000 per month
    • Technician: $5000-$10000 per month
    • Inventory carrying cost: $1000-$2000 per month
    • Shipping charges: as per orders


    • 10- 25% estimated profit per order

Target Market

Demographic: all over Canada

Age: 15- 60 years old

Gender: all

Behavioral characteristics: Rational customer who want to spend reasonable amount and retail shops who want to make commission by selling our products.

Income: $10000- $100000


Champ is a college student. He is 20 years old male living in Toronto. He makes $1000 a month by working part-time. He is interested in gaming and keeps buying gaming stuff. He spends lots of his spare time surfing the internet to find interesting facts and technology news. The rest of his spare time is spent on social networking.

SWOT Analysis

Strength – We provide top quality amazing customization for every type of customer as per their demand and budget with our expert’s choice. Also, we provides experts recommendation, if a customer just need to ask and charge a little amount. From this we will earn more profits.

Weakness – As it’s our new business, our customers will expect fastest shipping but the goods will be heavy and having risk of damage during shipping. This will results in losing customers and even shipping a goods are also expensive.

Opportunities – In current time, there are very less ecommerce business doing these types of customizations and we will target only a specific area where the requirements are very high. Moreover, our experts live chat will be 24*7. In this case, one of our expert will always be online.

Threats – Walmart and Best Buy is our major threats as due to their huge brand name. As, they have huge money so that they can easily sell products in much lower price and this will not effect that much to them but for us decreasing price matters a lot. We will promote our products with making interesting videos in social media like Facebook, WhatsApp etc. to overcome this issue.

Market Analysis

We are targeting mainly Canadian society people. Which has 36.71 million. As our website is delivering the product all over the world. But we are focusing mainly on Brampton and Toronto city as we are living here and we can advertise better and sell more as our presence will appeal more to the customers. Brampton has a population near about 600000. And Toronto has population near about 3.006 million. So if we calculate both numbers than we are circulating and selling our product to 3.6 million people. We are selling our product to customers by various techniques as we are popping up ads on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc. there are various other ways to like direct mail, loyalty programs and many more. We are selling spare parts and we are getting enough commission from sellers who selling our parts at their retail shops. Customer’s journey for purchasing our product is mainly begins when they buy any electronics like laptops, Computers and mobile phones. After this the need guard for mobile phone, Need various accessories and parts for laptops and computers as those are machines and will definitely have default once they get old. So, we are selling all the parts which customers need to renew in their electronics. As we are selling to 3.6 million est. and we are making near about 1000$ from one person as they will continue to buy something the whole year. It is estimated that we are making 3600000000$ a year. It’s the total money which includes everything our cost, expenses and revenue too.

Competitive Analysis:

Today, customers are looking for the newest and most unique customization option to individualize their personal computers and laptops has the answer. Companies offer more customization options and services.  Nowadays lots of companies are available in market. Everything from custom lighting and custom printed personalized graphics, to custom painting, online shopping and air brushing on site within our new facility.

Nowadays computer games are loaded with incredible graphics, but the ultimate gaming experience requires the right equipment.  Technology develops, recent computers processing speeds have come to be noted in the MHz or GHz because they are so fast. Higher processing speed, the faster computer will be able to run word processing application, music players, imaging software etc. In computer RAM basically represents the memory available to the programs running on your computer. RAM allows to run more applications at once. For example you could surf the web while listening to music, chatting with a friends on an instant messaging program. Newer computer and laptops usually have a minimum of 4 GB of RM. Computers and laptops stores data such as music files, photos, videos and various documents. Storage capacity of hard drives is measured in bytes.

Today, most computers usually come with a hard drive of over 500 GB.  USB port in computers, allowing to store your files. It is recommended to “back up “your files onto an external hard drive: in the event that your computer “crashes” at least you won’t have lost all your data. USB found on both Mac and Pcs computers. Standard type of plug for most computers add-ons like internal hard – drives, joysticks, digital camera and cell phone cables.

In market different types of computers and laptops are available compare to other computers and laptops. Mobile computing has become essential in today’s world. Most of people choose laptop computers instead of tablet or a smartphones for your on-the-go computer support. Laptop include a keyboard, considered by many to be quicker and easier than a touchpad for computing tasks. Laptops also provide a larger storage capacity with most model starting at 250 GB. Laptops include older-media and the ability to run high-powered full featured software. Many laptops after USB ports to plug in peripheral like wired or USB mouse. Choosing the best laptops can be confusing to the multiple options with overlapping features from a variety of brands. Best options provide quality components and the latest technology looking to purchase a Dell laptops because of you have always had a Dell computer. Other option is Microsoft surface book with touch screen, we have a great selection at competitive prices and can help guide you through the process of finding the perfect laptop options for our needs. Apple notebooks or laptops with Apple Mac OS, exclusive to Macs, or easy to use google chromes. As a storage, mechanical hard disk drives are common because of their relatively expensive and have huge capacity.

Nowadays, wide variety of payment options are available that files you needs. Classic payment methods including prepayments by bank transfer, Credit card, computer universe also offers convenient online payments methods like PayPal or SOFORT banking. Various option are available PayPal-paying by PayPal requires an active PayPal account. Payment is carried out through the PayPal website. If the ordered time are in stock, the order will be shipped immediate after the payment has been completed.

Amazon pay – if you have an amazon, you can amazon continent “amazon pay” system to pay your order maximum privacy and protection the data will stay only with amazon and will not be relayed.

Leasing (available in Germany only) – This option is selectable in the shopping cart only if the selected item is leasing complaint.

SOFORT banking- Sofort banking allows for orders of in-stock items to be shipped immediately.

If the person have any problem and enquiry related to the computers and laptop companies provide feedback options. Online sites are available where you buy a product. In these items contact numbers and e-mail addresses are available if any problem have a customers related to product. Company solve your problems. Customer opinion matters to us .customers send to every suggestion and implement the most helpful. Companies constantly improving their sites, so keep your feedback is important.

Search the company’s websites for a legitimate telephone number and address. If there is no way to contact this company offline, this may be a red flag that the business is not legitimate. Before doing business call the local chamber of commerce associated with address because the company’s website for discrepancies, and indicators of professionalism. Check the reviews from websites policy pages. Legitimate companies will almost have terms and condition pages, as well as privacy pages. If they do have terms and privacy policies, read through them carefully. Considered how the companies accepts payments.


  1. Any time you have to roll your mouse pointer across the screen without wasting lot of time. Just you pointer is sitting in the upper right corner of the screen and you have to roll it all the way over  to the start button, click to open a menu and then navigate your way through folders .
  2. Use macros to enter frequently –typed text. A number of programs allow you to assign text to hot keys. Quick paste is best option, because it’s totally free and very easy to use. After downloading Quick paste, be sure to select “Start with window “from the #option menu and “Minimize to tray if close” so that it will always run in the background.
  3. Find stuff using the start menu search box. Simply hit the windows key or CTRL+Esc to pop –up the start menu and start typing into the “Search for programs or files” box. Just type first few letters of file name before windows start making suggestions for you. This option is particularly useful when you know exactly what you are looking for.
  4. Search the web directly from your browser address bar. Without wasting time by navigate to Google .com or and then typing your query your search engine of choice if you just type the text you are looking for right into the address bar. We found the navigating to waiting for the page to load, typing in the search tern “laptops “into the chrome address bar, hitting enter and waiting for results took 4 seconds.
  5. Use dual monitors and aero snap to view several windows at once. Sometime most of us several windows open at once to do our work .if you are writing a report in word and need to glance at the assignment sent via email , check the results of a calculation in excel ,and grab some additional  data from a website , you will have at least  four windows you really need to look at. If you can only fit one of these windows on the screen at a time, you will spend an eternity switching between them.
  6. Get social networking and email notifications without loading a single web page. If you are like me, you need to know right away when someone reference you on a social network and you need to know about every email the second it arrives. However, you waste precious moment every time you navigate to your accounts just to see if you have gotten anything new.
  7. Employ a password manager to log in for you. There are few bigger time sucks than remembering dozens of different username / password combos and typing them in every time you need to log in to your email client, social media service, favorite shopping site or bank account. While you could the same simple set of credentials everywhere, that leaves you wide open to hacking and identity theft. Fastest and more secure way to type in your login credentials is with a password manager like the totally – free and popular keeps.
  8. Configure your file association to open documents with the program you want. Unless you just bought your computer yesterday, you probably have at least five different programs that can open JPEGs, four programs that can play MPEs, two that can display PDFs and six that can edit TXT files. Unfortunately, the default program which launches when you double click on a file is not necessarily the one you need.
  9. Increase the number of Google/Bing results per page. When you conduct a web search on google or being, you see just the first 10 results by default. If you don’t see the exact result you want on the first page you have to click again and again to see the second, third or fourth page of results. All that clicking and loading takes time, approximately 3.6 seconds per extra page of results you visit.


Search engines have come a long way indeed. The current big guys are google, Bing and Yahoo. Humans, since time immemorial, have always had this strong inner desire to know. Google have a search capability fastest search engine. It was created by Larry page and Surgery Bring. It was called by Backrub. It was different. Other search engines focused on the obvious keyword relevance, backrub used the number of backlinks to a page to determine the search engine ranking. A search engine that gives you intelligent answers. Google are most valuable company in the world. Google search engine   that’s contribute to that more than any of their wide range of products.  Already have a working WordPress installation, hosted either remotely or locally. You may also need internet connectivity to install our plugin, which is actually a few kilobytes.

The plugin we are using is called relevance.  Google is most powerful engine plugin as of now. I’m not surprised by that as I have used it my personal projects.

  1. it’s free and easy to use.
  2. It is helpful to search index manually. We can for instance leave custom post types or taxonomies out of our index.
  3. It can expand short codes.
  4. It automatically scans and lists stop words for you. Moreover you can add the stop words yourself.
  5. It also provide something seemingly simple but extremely powerful; default operator for search that is ‘OR’ and ‘AND’ for your queries. ‘OR’ is used when any term is present while in ‘AND’ all terms are present.
  6. You can also limit search results. If you have relevance limits to the first 500 results.

Site performances:-

  1. Google page speed online:-This is a brand new service from Google that replicates its page speed service in online form.
  2. SITE –PERF.COM:- this site is very responsive and lets you test from a few different savers – two in the U.S and two overseas.
  3. WEBSITEOPTIMIZATION.COM:- This service is one of the best at giving recommendations on what to fix.
  4. GOOGLE CHROME PAGE SPEED: – The page speed chrome extension is phenomenal for getting results that look like a local application in terms of detail and presentation.
  5. GOOGLE CHROME DEVELOPER TOOLS: – Google chrome has a wicked –powerful set of tools built in. By opening the tools from the option menu you not only have the classics that let you manipulate JavaScript, see page layout, etc. But you also have a network display that lets you see what took the longest to load.

A good web experiences puts users in control and empowers them to be engaged. Utilizing content management system, client update content themselves without assistance. CM empowers the client to communicate quickly on their websites, generally without needing help.

It’s important to remember that beauty is the eye of the beholder. There are design qualities that distinguish a designer’s competency to execute a good website. Strati\ng with a basic principle, images on the website should be crisp and clear. Using a grainy images smaller than the standard browser size as a page background is an amateur designer’s first giveaway.

Webpages are larger and blurry after updating Firefox-how to fix. Fix problems that cause images to not show. Also have an audio and video issues in Firefox site.

Interactive tools: – it’s like

  1. People are familiar with google drive, it’s helpful for share and collaboratively edit Google Docs with anyone else who has a Google account, for free.
  2. is the one to allow users to easily create bubble maps that can be exported in various formats, saved and edited collaboratively.
  3. Workspaces is provide an easy place to create a members only web site where users can have discussions, share documents and so on.
  4. Facebook is a put up a group page specifically for your class. This only kids over 13. There are lots of teachers using.
  5. Google hangouts in becoming an increasingly popular alternative to skype for bringing remote groups of people to together to communicate and collaborate.

Sites are helpful in e-commerce:-

  1. Sites are helpful in online store that changes currency automatically means that your business can receive orders from almost anywhere in the world.
  2. The websites should be easily to navigate. If the website can retain the information for repeat shoppers, all the better. Anything that makes the shopping pleasurable and easy will encourage people to complete the purchases.
  3. Using video, photos and text an online store can demonstrate how their product solves a problems just effectively than a sales assistant in a shop.
  4. Reward your loyal customers and followers by providing your email newsletters subscribers and your followers on social media platforms with occasional discount codes and prizes.
  5. E-commerce sites are helpful to recommended additional suitable products for the purchase.


There are two primary jobs involved in creating a website. The web designer and web developer, who often work closely together on a website. Web designer is responsible for the visual aspects like the layout, coloring and typography of web page. In Microsoft office programs such as Excel, PowerPoint and Word, the view buttons area features that lets you change how the presentation or document appears. In Microsoft word, we have the options of print layout, full screen reading.

Optimize every page of your site with rich contents. All of your pages, especially your main lineup, need to include concisely written, descriptive content. Write unique title tags and Meta descriptions for every page. Title tags serve as a headlines of your pages in search engine result pages while Meta description serve as the descriptive text.  Errors are annoying to users and may interface with the number of pages Google can index. Google search console has a great tool for checking crawl errors. Using images in your content marketing campaign, but are you optimizing them effectively.  Faster sites usually leads to a better user experiences, which means a higher conversions rate, among other benefits.

Use your logos and design elements consistently and provide access to employees. .Select the right topics for your brand’s content calendar. Bring offline marketing events into your online branding efforts. Keep your brands tone and personality consistent across channels. Participate on platforms and channels that align with your brand’s identity and your prospects and customers preferences.

Buzz is particularly helpful for increasing brand awareness and creating anticipation and excitement for the product or service to offer.  Baywatch movie was about to be released, Avery special Lind of marathon was held in slow motion. Getting a messages across may depend on your ability to get someone to identify with a problem they have never actually had to deal with. Some brands and public service advertisements depend on the ability to evoke the emotion of empathy and understanding in those they need to care about their cause. Lots of sites in laptops are provided good and bad information.


The marketing strategy for any business is a key element because it leads to the success and smooth running of the business. Therefore, the strategy must be made according to the requirements of business. The advertising method that we use for our new business venture are through television, direct mail, business cards, loyalty programs, email marketing, social media and mobile marketing because it is very effective and useful way of advertising and these method clearly convey the message to the customers.

The marketing communication tactics both online and offline that we use for our new business plan are following:


  1. Direct mail: It is the most important medium in offline strategies and it is very effective and reliable.
  2. Business Cards: It is also a good offline marketing method because people remember the good, outdated and home-printed business card.
  3. Loyalty programs: The loyalty programs is also useful in building the customers for example by providing discounts and free items on their regular purchase from the website.


  1. Email marketing: It is very useful method of marketing as the information related to new advancements in business is provided to the group of people.
  2. Mobile marketing: It is the online marketing technique focus to reach specific customers through smart phones, SMS and emails.

Social media marketing: In this a product and service is promoted through social sites and business can easily communicates and build relationships online with individuals and other businesses.


The key features of the site are following:
A good design: The design of the website must be attractive so the visitor will stay long on your site.

  1. Proper information: A website must include the proper information to make the user interested and what you promised to provide otherwise you can lose customers.
  2. Functionality: Each and every function of the website should be correct and quick because the poor functionality result in leaving your visitors frustrated.
  3. Contact information: A website must include the necessary contact information such as email and mobile number so in case of any difficulty they can use it.

We plan to use Go daddy hosting service because it provides product integration, phone support and downtime, tackles security issues and usability.

We use WordPress software because it is very easy to use learn, easy to manage, safe, highly secure and search engine friendly.

The platforms we intend to use are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and the methods are email marketing, social media and mobile marketing.

Our presence will be maintained and enhanced by a strong, professional and engaged social media because it add to your credibility by expanding the number of followers and fans. Also by building a brand loyalty and learning how to improve.