Ethics: The Foundation of Relationships Quiz | MKTG 204

Question 1: This form of business defamation arises when an unfair and untrue oral statement is made about a competitor.

Question 2: An advantage of dealing with salespeople who belong to professional associations such as The Canadian Professional Sales Association (CPSA) is that; such salespeople have to agree to abide to the association’s code of ethics.

Question 3: Aaron finds that viewing selling as an exchange of value, putting the relationship ahead of achieving sales goals, and being honest with himself and his customers are all part of:

Question 4: The primary customer focus in __________ sales is trust in the product.

Question 5: __________ is the sum total of beliefs, values, knowledge, ethnic customs, and objects that people use to adapt to their environment.

Question 6: Many companies have a written code of ethics for all employees to follow. This code is usually enforced at all levels of the business fairly and without exception. However,

Question 7: When Rachel signed the contracts at MicroManage, Inc., she included an envelope that contained two season tickets to the Raptors games. This action would normally be considered as:

Question 8: Raymond believes that building trust with his customers is important. This is because trust:

Question 9: Business defamation consists of business slander, business libel, and product __________ .

Question 10: Business slander, business libel, and product disparagement are all forms of:

Question 11: Your competitor is using exaggerated claims to increase their sales. To retaliate you want to make unsubstantiated counter claims to build a stronger case for your product. You are then dealing with a(n):

Question 12: __________ is the basic ingredient of character that is exhibited when you achieve congruence between what you know, what you say, and what you do.

Question 13: Gathering information on the competition and sharing it with the customer is a good way to develop close trusting relationships.

Question 14: The term __________ can be defined as a mutual exchange of benefits, as when a firm buys products from its own customers.

Question 15: Entertainment is a widespread practice in the field of selling but may be viewed by some people as a __________ .

Question 16: The practice of reciprocity:

Question 17: Which of the following would be considered a violation of guidelines governing a self-imposed code of ethics?

Question 18: The legislation which ensures consumers are protected and fosters a competitive environment is called:

Question 19: It is particularly common to entertain clients in:

Question 20: All of the following are forces influencing the ethical behaviour of salespeople in personal selling, except:

Question 21: Sam was able to void a contract after he purchased some goods within a certain period of time as a result of the cooling-off laws.

Question 22: Legal standards are enforced by:

Question 23: If the business community cannot control the ethical behaviour of its members, people are likely to turn to legal intervention.

Question 24: A salesperson’s ethics and values contribute more to sales success in the long run than do techniques and strategies they may employ.

Question 25: Malina sells mining equipment to international markets. Her company does not have a clear policy of not giving or accepting bribes. Her buyers have indicated that they would like to receive $100,000 for an exclusive contract which would be good for 10 years. Receiving bribes is a common business practice in that country. Malina’s behaviour should be guided by:

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