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Test Information:

  • You have 25 multiple choice questions to answer in 45 minutes. You can take this quiz twice if you wish. Your grade for this quiz will consist of the average of your marks for the attempts. If you take the quiz once, this will be your mark.
  • This test has a time limit of 40 minutes. You will be notified when the time expires, and you may continue or submit.
  • Warnings appear when half the time, 5 minutes, 1 minute, and 30 seconds remaining.
  • This test allows 2 attempts. This is attempt number 1.
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Let’s Begin Chapter 10 Test:

Question 1: Alain d’Astous explored environmental aspects that irritate retail shoppers. Which of the following ambient conditions is the NO.1 irritant for shoppers?
-The store is not clean.

Question 2: Ambient conditions refer to those characteristics of the environment that relate to ___________.
-cognitive responses the five senses

Question 3: Colour is used to manage the warmth of the environment. Which of the following is regarded as the “coolest” colour?

Question 4: In the Russell Model of Affect emotional responses to environments can be described along two main dimensions _________________ and _________________.
-Pleasure and Arousal

Question 5: Many customers refuse to shop in retail stores on Boxing Day due to the crowds. This refusal to shop is an example of how a service environment creates _____________________ behaviour.

Question 6: Music can have powerful effects on perceptions and behaviours in service settings. The various elements of music such as tempo, volume, and harmony are perceived holistically. Which of the following statements about the effects of music are TRUE?
-Studies have shown that shoppers walk more slowly and increase their impulse purchases when slow music is played.

Question 7: One tool that can guide servicescape design is __________________________.

Question 8: Perceived servicescape is made up of three environmental dimensions. One of them is ________.
-Signs symbols and artifacts

Question 9: The McDonald’s arches and the Toys ‘R’ mascot Geoffrey Giraffe are both examples of which dimension of the service environment?
-Signs, symbols, and artifacts

Question 10: The appearance and behaviour of service personnel can strengthen or weaken the impression created by a service environment. Which term did Dennis Nickson and his colleagues apply to capture the importance of the physical image of service personnel who serve customers directly?
-Aesthetic labor

Question 11: The floor plan , size and shape of furnishings, counters and possible machinery and equipment and the ways in which they are arranged is referred to as _______________________ .
-Spatial layout

Question 12: The purpose of the service environment includes all of the following EXCEPT ___________.
-Managing revenue

Question 13: The servicescape has all of the following purposes EXCEPT __________________.
-help plan service capacity to match customer demand be part of the value proposition

Question 14: To make the servicescape stand out from those of its competitors, and to attract customers from target segments the servicescape affects customers experience by being a(n) ________________.
-Attention-getting medium

Question 15: When designing a service, it must be designed with the view that the customers perceive the environment as ___________________.
-A whole

Question 16: Which conditions refer to those characteristics of the environment that relate to our five senses?

Question 17: Which of the following does the service environment include?
-Appearance of service personnel

Question 18: Which of the following is NOT an example of the general interior design elements of a retail environment?
-Employee uniforms

Question 19: Which of the following is NOT one of the dimensions of the service environment?

Question 20: Which of the following is considered an internal response to environmental stimuli?

Question 21: Which of the following is one of the dimensions of the service environment?
-Interior displays

Question 22: Which of the following statements about aromatherapy is TRUE?
-Research has shown that scents can have a significant impact on perceptions, attitudes and behaviours.

Question 23: Which of the following statements about the impact of colour on behaviour is NOT true?
-Research has shown that colours have the same meanings and general effects in all cultures around the world.

Question 24: Which of these statements about the role of people as a part of the service environment is the most accurate?
-The appearance and behaviour of both service personnel and customers can impact the impression created by the service environment.

Question 25: Why should the design of effective servicescapes be done holistically?
-It takes far less time to design or redecorate the servicescape.

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