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  • You have 25 multiple choice questions to answer in 45 minutes. You can take this quiz twice if you wish. Your grade for this quiz will consist of the average of your marks for the attempts. If you take the quiz once, this will be your mark.
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Let’s Begin Chapter 11 Test:

Question 1: “Leonard Berry found that some of the core values in excellent service firms included excellence, innovation, joy, teamwork, respect, integrity and social profit.” What are these values part of?
-the firm’s culture

Question 2: Au Bon Pain, a chain of French bakery cafés, lets applicants work for two paid days in a café prior to the final selection interview. Which of the following is NOT one of the reasons for doing this?
-It is a very cost-effective way for a large company to get experienced labour for low wages.

Question 3: Being pleasant even to rude customers is a type of _______________ conflict.
-person-role conflict

Question 4: Companies that engage in a “Cycle of Success” are more likely to have which of the following?
-Better wages

Question 5: Cycles of mediocrity, failure and success apply to both ____________.
-Front and backstage employees

Question 6: If a firm has good people, investments in training can yield outstanding results. Two of the areas that service employees need to be trained in are interpersonal and technical skills. Which statement about these skills is TRUE?
-Both technical and interpersonal skills are necessary together to perform a job well.

Question 7: Many services require people to work in teams. Which of the following statements about service delivery teams is NOT true?
-In a team environment, it is not necessary for managers to monitor the team and its members or to provide them with feedback.

Question 8: Nordstrom, a large U.S department store, has adopted the following employee RULE#1: “Use your good judgment in all situations. There will be no additional rules.” Which important human resources concept are they applying?
-Employee empowerment

Question 9: Once a firm has hired the right people, trained them well, empowered them, and organized them into effective service delivery teams, how can it ensure that they will deliver?
-Motivate and reward the strong performers.

Question 10: One of the three main causes of role stress in frontline positions are:
-Person-role conflict

Question 11: People are motivated to deliver service excellence and productivity by ______________________.
-Recognition and feedback

Question 12: Service employees link the inside of the organization to the outside world. Their roles often pull them in opposite directions causing them to experience ____________.
-Role conflict

Question 13: Service employees often are torn between following the company’s rules and objectives, and satisfying customer demands. This is called ___________.
-organization/client conflict

Question 14: Service employees, also referred to as _______________ linking the inside of the organization to the outside world.
-Boundary spanners

Question 15: Service personnel are a _____________ part of the service product that helps maintain the firm’s positioning.

Question 16: Sophie works as a ticket agent at the Air Canada check-in desk at Pearson Airport. Very often when flights are delayed or cancelled due to bad weather, travelers are very angry and verbally abusive with her causing Sophie to feel ____________.
-Emotional labour

Question 17: The customer cycle of failure begins with __________________________________ .
-Repeated emphasis on attracting new customers

Question 18: The service talent cycle for HR practices includes three steps. The first step is to ______________ .
-Hire the right people

Question 19: The Cycle of Success is a guiding framework for three successful Human Resources practices. The first step in the cycle is to _____________.
-Hire the right people

Question 20: To identify the best candidates for a service firm, the hiring company should ________________.
-use structured interviews built around job requirements using more than one interviewer

Question 21: What does the Inverted Organizational Pyramid convey?
-The importance of management’s interaction with frontline workers and customers

Question 22: Which of the following is NOT one of the methods a company can use to identify the best candidates in its applicant pool?
-Hire only applicants who are family members and close friends of current employees.

Question 23: Which of the following is an example of a “high involvement” employee level service position?
-Nurse in an operating room

Question 24: Which of the following statements about motivating and energizing employees is true?
-Job content, recognition and goal achievement are more lasting rewards than high wages.

Question 25: Which of the following statements describing the cycle of mediocrity is true?
-This environment is most likely found in large organizations that operate with lots of rules and procedures.

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